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Reputation Builder Plus

Higher Images | Reputation Builder

The newest service that Higher Images, Inc. is offering to clients in 2015 in called Reputation Builder Plus. Because the Internet has become such a massive tool for research and ratings, it is important to all businesses to maintain a positive reputation online. How is this managed? Through Reputation Builder Plus.

This service allows our clients to send out links to their existing customers. The customers can leave testimonials on a variety of sites:

  • Yelp
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Citysearch
  • Twitter
  • Bing

The best part about this service is that the client utilizing Reputation Builder Plus has the ability to approve all testimonials that will be placed on the web. This means that our clients can screen what is being put out there about them and their businesses before it is posted and has the ability to reject the testimonial if it is negative.

This tool will be great for all organizations to build a positive “buzz” about themselves and their industry.

RECAP: 2014

Growth and new opportunities were the themes for Higher Images in 2014. The employees made very strong efforts in all departments to help the company succeed in numerous ways. From management opportunities to administration and sales, the individuals who gave it their all deserve to be recognized.

Happy New Year

A number of promotions were awarded to those who went above and beyond through their hard work, dedication, and love for the Higher Images:

  • Dan Harmon has earned the title of Vice President of Higher Images.
  • Robin Dugas is now Higher Images Chief Operations Officer.
  • Tim Cope has been promoted to Project Manager for the Production Team.

Others assisted in the impressive revenue increase of the company as a whole:

  • Chris Reidenbaugh expertly balanced Google Business Tours and his existing client base for Higher Images with very successful results.
  • Alex Rutkowski did an exemplary job through his dedication to the best possible Search Engine Optimization for each existing client and the growth of SEO sales to new clients.

Higher Images, Inc. is devoted to ensuring that our employees are recognized and appreciated for the dynamic work they do each and every day. Our employees are the gears that keep the machine named Higher Images running.

Happy New Year from Higher Images, Inc.!

Higher Images | Happy New Year

Happy New Year! The Higher Images, Inc. team hopes you have made a resolution for 2015 and that this is the year you stick to it! Whether you resolve to drink less soda, avoid fast food, find a new job, or join a gym like almost everyone else, be sure the goal you set is important to you.

Measurable and obtainable goals are the most efficient in the goal-setting world. A perfect example of a New Year resolution might be, “This year, I will place $20 in a jar every week for the purpose of moving into a new apartment in the first three months of 2016.”

Good luck, and we wish you a safe, happy, and prosperous new year.

Higher Images Christmas Party

Congratulations! – Evan and Tim did it!

Growth is a factor that Higher Images is always pursuing. Through its 13 years IMG_1074of existence, the team has grown significantly thanks to new hires and promotions.  Evan Daub and Tim Cope are two of our most recent individuals to experience this.

In the spring of this year, Evan Daub, at the time as student at Pittsburgh Technical Institute, came to Higher Images as one of two interns.  During his time here as an intern, Evan demonstrated incredible potential and skill and was recently brought on staff as a full time Digital Design Specialist.  “Evan has really shown his talent and ambitions through his immediate fit with team and his dedication to the clients,” said Becky Scalise, Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer.

Also, during 2014, Tim Cope contributed to the growth of our company when he received the great news that he would be promoted from Front End Web Developer to Project Manager.  Tim does much of the same work he has always done; however, he does have the added responsibilities of managing the production team’s time, making sure the team stays focused, and ensuring that all assigned work reaches completion by the designated due dates.  Tim’s very successful management of the team has confirmed that the decision to promote him was definitely the right one. “Tim is really dedicated to making Production run smoothly, and he has brought a sense of order where it was needed,” said Scalise.

Congratulations to both Tim and Evan!

Jim Cunningham Photography – A Client from Day One

Higher Images is proud to have kept a relationship so strong for so long; Jim Cunningham Photography has been in business for 40 years and has maintained a professional relationship with Higher Images for the last 14. This Jim_Cunningham-3means Jim Cunningham Photography has been using Higher Images services we came into existence in 2001.

Jim Cunningham Photography is now on its third site with Higher Images: the first was a quick “throw together” in 2001, and the second was more detailed with more capabilities, but the third and current site is modern and user friendly. “I love my website because I work in a visual world, and all people in my industry compliment my site,” said Jim Cunningham, Owner.

The strength and longevity of the relationship between the two businesses demonstrates Higher Images’ growing retention rate. The reason behind the team being able to keep a client from the start is its caring employees who devote their time and energy to giving the clients exactly what they want in a timely manner and even make positive suggestions to better the productions.

We look forward to continuing to work with Jim Cunningham Photography, and to develop the same kind of long-term relationships with all of our clients.

For more information or to previous Jim’s work, please visit www.jimcunninghamphoto.com.

Happy Holidays!

Higher Images would like to wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday season! From Christmas to Kwanzaa to Hanukah and everything in between, it is important to spend time with friends and family and make memories that 478004359will last a lifetime. No matter how you celebrate the season, whether it is baking cookies, decorating, crafting or just sitting by the fire snuggled up watching a holiday favorite, this time of year is all about being with loved ones.

Since this is the merriest time of the year, the team has decided to gather yet again for its upcoming holiday party. This year, the Pittsburgh Steakhouse will be hosting the Higher Images crew for it’s gathering on December 12. We take this time as an opportunity to socialize and celebrate the family atmosphere that we try all year long to cultivate. We will be bringing our guests along with us, and everyone cannot wait for the planned games, food, and gift exchange.

Google’s Penguin 3.0 Update

Something spectacular has happened recently in the world of Google: after a year of lying dormant, the Penguin 3.0 update is finally here!  Many people noticed changes in their Google search results. This was very much anticipated since search engine users have been waiting over a year for the Penguin algorithm to be updated.

Penguin Update

The Penguin algorithm identifies evidence of what Google shows as “webspam” that it believes does occur on and off of a website. Google then penalizes guilty websites as being “spammy” by reducing their visibility in the search results.  The recent Penguin update is similar to the older versions with its intentions but it has been confirmed to be a major algorithm change, not just an update or data refresh.


Penguin 3.0 was one of the most anticipated algorithm updates in Google’s history.  Google has decided to later release the details on percentages of search results for this new updated algorithm. With the way Penguin works, if someone is hit by the update even if changes were made to prevent bad links even if those changes did what Google wanted, to know for sure the next release is necessary. With that being said, the main point of Penguin 3.0 is to get rid of the unnecessary “spammy” links.


Keep in mind that if this updated algorithm ddoesid not do what it was intended to do, more work will come to prevent losing visibility in search results. Also, if changes were made to a site within the last month or two, it is too late for this update to make a difference. Just look forward to the next!

Robin Celebrating Five Years

This month, Robin Dugas celebrates five years with Higher Images. Through her time here as the Executive Administrator, she has been a major influence for employees and clients through many different avenues. She is the driver that keeps the car moving.

Robin Dugas

Because she coordinates and oversees all functions of the office with the Executive Administrator position she is the “go-to girl” for every employee and all clients. With over 20 years of experience in the fields of office administration and business management and previous employment with the Pittsburgh Business Times, she can handle anything that comes her way.


Robin and her partner in crime, Becky Scalise, Quality Control Manager, hold down the fort. “Basically Robin is the glue of our whole operation (Becky too, by the way). Without her (or them), the place falls apart and we all start scrambling for tape and paper clips only to realize that glue is the only thing that can hold it all together,” said Dan Harmon.


Robin’s upbeat and optimistic attitude eases any frustrations or challenges that may plague any Higher Images staff member.  Her listening skills, professionalism, and outstanding organization make her the perfect person to head up the human resource department.


In Robin’s spare time, she keeps busy with her two daughters, Taylor (11) and Nicki (14). She and her girls enjoy cooking together in their 160 year-old farmhouse. Décor and design are just a couple of Robin’s passions.


Here’s to another five more, Robin!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Higher Images Team!

On Friday, October 31, the Higher Images family came to work dressed up to celebrate Halloween. The morning started off with not a switch flipped for light, and flashing LED’s could be seen from all directions. Moaning, screams, and crashing of glass could be heard the second you walked in the door.

Halloween Party '14

Spider webs clung to walls and counters through the office, and the fog machine was filling offices. Through the clouds of fog, the employees groped their way to their desks, but only if they were lucky enough to bypass the glow-in-the-dark skeleton CEO hiding behind walls, doorways and corners waiting for someone to walk by.


There was a massive variety of characters haunting the Higher Images halls on Halloween. From pirates and zombies to Jesus and a walking piñata, and an appearance by America’s sweetheart Minnie Mouse, the employees each brought their own brand of personality and charisma.


The “boney” CEO, Bryan Thornberg, provided a pizza lunch for this motley crew, and everyone else brought in goodies. Donut holes and chocolate will have the entire place on a sugar high for the remainder of the weekend.

The Newest Google Update


The new Pigeon update is ready for flight. Google has recently put out a new algorithm, interestingly enough called the Pigeon. As to how it got it’s name, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land states, “Pigeon is the name we decided on because this is a local search update and pigeons tend to fly back home.” The Pigeon update is more behinds the scenes, but is very beneficial because of its improvement to the local search results.  Providing useful, relevant and accurate local search results more closely within the traditional web search results.

When working within the Local SEO field the Pigeon has had a massive effect on the local search results. When it comes to rankings, with the new update clients can now see that they are not the biggest indicator of SEO success. With the changes this update has made it is possible to inform clients what really matters at the end of the day.  This opportunity highlights the importance of domain authority, backlinks and other types of SEO ranking factors.

There is not a lot of detail disclosed about this update, but there is already a rise in local rankings. With that sudden change in rankings, one has to take a look at it from the SEO side – meaning it is time to adapt.  Pigeon is not a penalty-based update; it was created clean up SERPs to give you a more defined local search ranking result.

The main change that is physically noticeable is the lowered number of search queries in a local listing pack.  Where there used to be around eight listings per pack, there is only five now that are specific for your location that is searched from.  The Pigeon update is a new algorithm that gives a more localized search result, and it greatly impacts local SEO.